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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I like my new background, maybe it'll motivate me to post here more often!

I'm trying to make some changes for the new year - save money, move (again!), eat better, get creative with my hair, etc. One kinda cool thing is that I want to learn some domestic things that I either never knew before (how to cook) or haven't done in so long I forgot how (operate a sewing machine)...so I'll chronicle some of that here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

One step...

those seven letters have a lot of meaning right now :headnod:, for a few reasons...

As I step into this new year of 2010, I've got some goals I'd like to reach and check off my list before this year comes to a close.

- One step of many will be logged as I train for and complete my first half marathon in the coming months! As insignificant as one step may seem; one step can be the difference between finishing and being disqualified for time reasons, one wrong step could mean injury to myself or others around me, etc. I will definitely share my journey towards that "one step" across the finish line here - so stay tuned!

- "One step beyond our fears": Kevin spoke on this in last Sunday's sermon, and it really hit me that I'm living like that in A TON of areas of my life. I figured I should blog about it, but conveniently "never got around to it". Then in reading a post from the blog of a friend from elementary school I was reminded that there are wonderful things on the "other side of that door", but I'm stuck on this side wondering "what if?" So this year my only resolution is to "shake myself loose" and stop being paralyzed by fear of the unknown!

What's the name of this blog again? Oh yeah...2 Blessed 2 Be Bound, and I'm determined to walk that out this year! Life isn't worth living if I'm living it gripped in fear and bondage (if you can even call that living). So in this blessed year won't you join me?