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Friday, September 10, 2010

It's been a long time...

we shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to...

*flashback to 2000 "Try Again" by Aaliyah*

But yeah - the family is hanging in there, same ol' same ol' with us!

Baby Faith is growing so much, walking and talking and exploring the world! It's really fun to watch her learn each day, she's a really sweet baby and I thank God everyday for blessing me with her!

One thing that I'm learning however is how to manage her hair. I've learned how to cornrow (yayyy mee!); the hard part is managing to find a time when she'll sit still enough for me to braid it. My mom gave me the advice to do her hair while she sleeps - she said that's how she did my hair. It took me a while to try it, I was afraid of disturbing her sleep; but I found out that it doesn't wake her! Hallelujah!!! I really need to make an effort to style her hair at least one (good) time per week; maybe I'll even take pictures of my handiwork and share them here as I learn!

Before I wrap this post up though, I gotta tell you that SoulMom blog is giving away a gift set of Cara B Naturally products!!! I hope I win, their products sound WONDERFUL - I'd really like to give the Leave in Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer a try on Baby Faith's head AND mine!

Gotta go...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ahhhhh...refreshing! Is there an app for that?

Yes, I'm referring to my lemonade from the last post! I enjoyed it until I realized that my husband had located it in the fridge and had been drinking it as well - can't he make his own???

Just kidding...but I am excited and encouraged about our struggles right now - I'm confident that "trouble don't last always"!

It's Friday night and the babe is asleep (why am I up???) - but I would be remiss without telling you about the fact that Christian Personal Finance is giving away an iPad! They are an excellent resource and this is a pretty rocking giveaway for the tech-savvy!

YAWN...must.go.to.bed.! The babe and I have a walk date at the park in the AM!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ummmmm...see what had happened was...

No, I have no valid excuse for not updating this blog in over a month. This is obviously something I haven't put priority on and it shows. So - to update you on what's transpired since my last post...

1. April ended and May began!

2. The fam took a trip back home to visit our loved ones. Long car drive (12 hours one way); but Mac did all the driving and Faith was a very good girl! It'll be a good long while before we do it again though...
3. May ended and June began!

4. Here we are...

And you wonder why I never blog? Not much happens that seems "blog-worthy"; but I'm working on that.

Anyhow - I guess I haven't been overly excited this year about much of anything. Mac's work schedule changed in January and the entire year I've been moping about it. I just realized that I've been a grump for 5 entire months about it, and am NOT interested in making it 6...that's half a year! *read entirely too much time to devote to thinking negatively about something*

So you know what I decided to do??? Make lemonade!!!

I'm serious y'all! I sat Faith in her jumper thingy, marched into the kitchen and made some lemonade! I'll be honest, this was my first time EVER making lemonade, so I had to google a recipe (don't laugh at me). I followed it to the T (with the exception of only having 5 lemons instead of the 6 that the recipe called for), and I think it turned out rather refreshing! (IIDSSMS)

So basically - I'm sick of the sour face and decided to add some sugar and water and take a swig and say "aaaaaahhhhhh!" I'm 2 blessed 2 be bound for goodness sake! Baby's crying...gotta go!

P.S. I joined a book club, LOL!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oops...I did it (or didn't do it) again!

Yeah, this whole blogging thing is an afterthought *hangs head in shame* - anyone got any ideas to help me remember to do it? Thanks in advance :wink:

Okay - last post was last Thursday talking about my grocery budget idea to try Angel Food Ministries. Well tomorrow is pick up day, so I can't comment on that yet. I'm excited (to pick up groceries? Yeah I'm a weirdo)...but we need to go over my mom's house to pick up Faith's new carseat anyway! (verrrrry excited about this)

Yes, I'm excited about the Learning Curve True Fit Premier convertible car seat that is waiting for us over there! This is the replacement seat after our wreck last month (you DO know that car seats should be replaced after an automobile accident, right?); so I'm excited that she'll be back in a super comfortable and SAFE seat again. The seat we are replacing was a True Fit, but the Premier was introduced in 2009 (after I'd registered and received the True Fit) with an added feature of an anti-rebound bar. In an accident this would prevent the seat from tipping forward and hitting the seatback.

I'm extremely blessed to have never been in an accident prior to just recently, but after this wreck I'm soooooo thankful that she was in such a quality seat! I plan to try my hand at it, but meet up with a friend who is a self-proclaimed car-seat junkie so that she can install it.
Got carseat on the brain right now, so can't think of much else to share. Y'all have a safe weekend (if I don't check in before it's over)...be blessed! *smooch*

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Of Groceries and Angels and Coupons...

See - I knew I wouldn't have a problem interwining debt reduction, health and spirituality! *brushes shoulders off*

So - the first step in my family's goal to be debt free is to make a workable budget AND FOLLOW IT! Emphasis mine, because soooo many times we take the time out to make our budget but spend money however we want. For our family we are guilty in overspending on food - the fast kind if you get my drift. I can even go to the grocery store and purchase food, but if we are too tired lazy to cook - the groceries sit there. In an effort to eat healthier we HAVE TO MAKE STRIDES in this area, so we've made another commitment to purchasing food and cooking it.

Was reading a few personal finance blogs and saw mention of Angel Food Ministries, I'd forgotten that Mac and I said we'd give them a try. There is a church by my mom's house that has their large banner out, so we'll order from there. Placed my order this morning for a fruit and veggie package, convenience meal package (hey, I'm being realistic here), and a 4x4 package (the goods to make 4 meals for a 4 person family). I even found a coupon code (yay me) that took 10% off my order! I pick up my "groceries" next Saturday...I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And heeeeere we go!

Okay, tryna jump back in to this blogging game! I've been doing my homework (laughable if you know me - I'm too lazy to do homework - DUH!) and think I have gathered some helpful information on keeping a blog. Been visiting and commenting here and there, and have some ideas of things to talk about since I'm too boring to be the main focus, LOL!

So - in keeping with my original foci (the plural of focus, I know the math nerds understood); I'd like to talk about getting out of debt, getting into better health, and the other spillovers of being blessed! Who knows if I'll be able to intertwine them all and keep this entertaining at the same time, but I'm gonna give it the good college try.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow...where do I start???

Well, I guess I'll start at the beginning...my last post was 2/19.

My ear was hurting, I went to the chiro for an adjustment and started wearing my night brace (have since stopped again though - it's a pain in the butt to boil that thing every night) - and my earache went away - HALLELUJAH!

The weekend of 3/21 we traveled to Atlanta for the ING Georgia Half Marathon; it was AWESOME! I ran out of steam between miles 10 and 11 though, and never caught a "2nd wind" like I thought I would :( Still finished in just under 4 hours though so it wasn't totally horrible. It was really good spending some quality time with an old friend and seeing family (they met us in ATL)! I'd love to do it again, possibly this October at the Free Press Half Marathon in Detroit...

The weekend of 3/27 we traveled to Ozark, AL for a birthday party! Lil Miss CJ and her parents came all the way from California to celebrate her first birthday with her dad's side of the family. Had a great time once again...

Unfortunately on 3/29 the baby and I were in an automobile accident ("a wreck" down in these parts)! Aside from some soreness we are okay, but our vehicle was declared a total loss! I normally name my cars and I don't think that one ever had a name, interesting...

That's about it...baby is trying to post for me now so I'll wrap this up before it become unintelligible. I'd really like to keep this up, give me another chance - pleeeaaaasssseeeee???

Friday, April 2, 2010

Worst blogger EVAH!!!

Yup, that's me *hides head in shame*

So much has happened but I haven't taken the time to update - that's why I'm calling myself out!

More has happened recently, which is why I don't have the time right now to update - but I do plan to be back.

Sigh...come on LJ - GET ACCOUNTABLE!!! *kicks self*

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hit another snag this week - on Tuesday my ear started hurting something VICIOUS!!! Got some drops, went to the chiro, started using my night guard for my TMJ - 95% better!


Oh yeah, I remembered what I forgot last time around (what came to me on my walk the other day).

My grandma (wow how I miss her!) would get on my granddaddy (I miss him, too) about if he did something - for example, talking on the telephone on the front porch (can we say COUNTRY?). She'd make the comment, "I talk about people who do that, so YOU (as one of my loved ones) can't do that!" I'm gonna take on that stance about a few things, namely being whiny and complaining. Some folks seem to whine and complain about EVERYTHING - it gets old really fast and, I'll be honest, I talk about people that whine! So - I have to make sure that I'm not whiny or complaining because that wouldn't make sense now, would it???

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back in bitness!

Whew, thank the Lord we're all back healthy!

The end of last week went well, we got some snow down here but nothing to write about or anything (so that story line ends here).

On Saturday the babe and I ventured to Huntsville for a birthday party - the roads weren't bad and the ride didn't see very long! Fun times at the party and it was great seeing a friend again (haven't seen her in about 18 months - we'd both just found out we were pregnant)!

On Sunday the babe and I went to church service then headed back home since Daddy wasn't feeling well. Checked on him, then we ventured out to do our 7 mile walk! Too bad it got dark, we only got a little over 6 miles in. This week Mama is getting her new shoes so the walk will be much more cushioned!

Monday morning I had a good weigh in, was down 2.5 lbs from last week and back to my lowest weight since we started the Biggest Loser challenge! Hooray for walking!

I probably forgot something, been meaning to update but haven't...will do better next time (for real)!

Friday, February 12, 2010

No bueno...

yeah, that's how I've been since I last posted :(

Got sick the following night, so I haven't worked out nor done anything with my hair - so I had no updates.

I'm glad that my husband and baby girl are better, and that I didn't get what they had! We're moving and grooving through February now...this year is flying by!

I have about 6-7 weeks until my baby girl's first birthday! Yes - I'm in shock; has that much time elapsed? She's so smart and gorgeous and funny and goofy, it actually seems like she's always been in our "crew"! I'm at work and missing her, so I'm gonna change the subject before I get sad!

Anyhow, hope to get back on the wagon this weekend with eating healthy, moving my body and all that jazz! I'm glad to be feeling better now, so it's time to kick it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Yeahhhhhhh boyyyyyyyy...

Today was a good day! I stayed in from work so I wouldn't pass on my family's virus to anyone else, and my crew is feeling better! PRAISE GOD!

Also, I was checking out a new friend's blog and she mentioned Hip Hop Abs...I found it and did it (only had to stop twice) - woooooo hoooooo! It was a great workout, not too hard for me (not having worked out since before July 08), and fun! I will admit, I had to take it a lil easy on the "booty pop" moves, I have a lil more resistance than the folks in the video ;)

Lastly - I did my hair! I've been wanting two strand twists for the longest but was always a scaredy cat! The past month I've been having my cousin braid my hair into a bun and I put a drawstring ponytail on top, but this weekend I decided I'd do my own hair. I washed my hair in the braids (my hair is of the variety that I need to follow the "never loose and wet" regime), then as I unbraided I applied my oil mix (EVOO, castor oil, shea butter, coconut oil and maybe some aloe vera in there - I forget) and made twists. I did it in sections so I wouldn't get overtired, and made the most of downtimes when baby Faith was asleep. Finished product ain't bad...I'll take pics tomorrow when I'm dressed for work. I'm really proud of myself for JUST DOING IT and not punking out again!

Well, time to read some word and me and the babe are going to sleep!


sickness is never fun. Big Mac and Faith have been sick this entire weekend, so I'm just glad to NOT be sick! Weight loss wise I had a gain this morning, but that just reiterates the need that I need to DO SOMETHING and not just cross my fingers that the weight is gonna fall off - ya know?

So, I found a workout buddy! She is across the world, but we can keep abreast of each other's workouts and stuff thru this cool thang called blogging - yayyyyy!

I did say in the intro to this whole thing that this would be "me being accountable"...so now I've got some buddies/readers to be accountable to - LOVES IT!

Expect a check in before the day is over - I really should have something accomplished while I'm at home being Nurse Mommy and Nurse Wife!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sooooo yeah, about writing more...

I can't seem to update this thing! So, what I will do is have this keep me accountable with what I'm up to!

I'll be participating (walking) in my first half marathon this spring! I've been half doing my training schedule...but I've got to pick up the pace if I'm going to be ready in 7 weeks!!!

So - last night I met a friend and we walked around the parking lot while her daughter was in dance class. That rocked, so I have a guaranteed "buddy" for Tuesdays...who wants to walk with me on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays??? That's the thing, I shouldn't NEED anyone to keep me going, you know? No one helped me get out of shape! Ya feel me?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I like my new background, maybe it'll motivate me to post here more often!

I'm trying to make some changes for the new year - save money, move (again!), eat better, get creative with my hair, etc. One kinda cool thing is that I want to learn some domestic things that I either never knew before (how to cook) or haven't done in so long I forgot how (operate a sewing machine)...so I'll chronicle some of that here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

One step...

those seven letters have a lot of meaning right now :headnod:, for a few reasons...

As I step into this new year of 2010, I've got some goals I'd like to reach and check off my list before this year comes to a close.

- One step of many will be logged as I train for and complete my first half marathon in the coming months! As insignificant as one step may seem; one step can be the difference between finishing and being disqualified for time reasons, one wrong step could mean injury to myself or others around me, etc. I will definitely share my journey towards that "one step" across the finish line here - so stay tuned!

- "One step beyond our fears": Kevin spoke on this in last Sunday's sermon, and it really hit me that I'm living like that in A TON of areas of my life. I figured I should blog about it, but conveniently "never got around to it". Then in reading a post from the blog of a friend from elementary school I was reminded that there are wonderful things on the "other side of that door", but I'm stuck on this side wondering "what if?" So this year my only resolution is to "shake myself loose" and stop being paralyzed by fear of the unknown!

What's the name of this blog again? Oh yeah...2 Blessed 2 Be Bound, and I'm determined to walk that out this year! Life isn't worth living if I'm living it gripped in fear and bondage (if you can even call that living). So in this blessed year won't you join me?