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Sunday, July 1, 2007

And it's gone!!!

Yes, the huge picture of the Honda Civic is no longer here...why do you ask?

Because it's gone! Yayyyy! I traded it in for a 98 Nissan Maxima in mint condition! Hallelujah, no more lease! No more 12K miles a year!

Now on to bigger things...Mac and I had an appointment with a financial manager on last week! It was great! She and her partner (I think they are related, possibly brother and sister) are both Dave Ramsey followers and debt free! She's a retired CPA (she's good at numbers) and he's a real estate agent (very Dave like)! Vicki helped us with our budget, critiqued it and sent us on our merry way! I'll definitely keep y'all in the loop with updates!

Want to give a shout-out to my MTMMO (My Total Money Makover) buddies! I gotta add that "roll call" thing to my blog so those that mosey to my spot can also mosey to yours. Thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions for my blog!

Love y'all, gotta get ready for this upcoming work week! Smooches!!!


Southern Skiing said...

good job on dumping the lease! Keep being wierd, it'll pay off!

JW said...

Congratulations!!! That must be a fantastic feeling. We are hoping to experience the same feelings once we have eliminated all of our debts.

You are truly an inspiration.