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Sunday, July 1, 2007

And it's gone!!!

Yes, the huge picture of the Honda Civic is no longer here...why do you ask?

Because it's gone! Yayyyy! I traded it in for a 98 Nissan Maxima in mint condition! Hallelujah, no more lease! No more 12K miles a year!

Now on to bigger things...Mac and I had an appointment with a financial manager on last week! It was great! She and her partner (I think they are related, possibly brother and sister) are both Dave Ramsey followers and debt free! She's a retired CPA (she's good at numbers) and he's a real estate agent (very Dave like)! Vicki helped us with our budget, critiqued it and sent us on our merry way! I'll definitely keep y'all in the loop with updates!

Want to give a shout-out to my MTMMO (My Total Money Makover) buddies! I gotta add that "roll call" thing to my blog so those that mosey to my spot can also mosey to yours. Thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions for my blog!

Love y'all, gotta get ready for this upcoming work week! Smooches!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Magnificent Monday bloggings...

Hallelujah! You know that's the highest praise, right? Just checking...

But yeah, the sun is shining today but it's raining...I don't think the devil has a wife but it doesn't matter anyway! I've gotten some calls about the beautiful vehicle that I have for sale - cool beans! I'm not stressing that either of them "happen", I'm at peace that I'm going to be okay whether or not my car sells on my timeline. I thank God for the daily bread that He supplies me - no strings attached! I'm quite sure that the hardest part of receiving this is using it the correct way...

Perfect segway into budgeting! I'm a listener of Dave Ramsey, a talk show host, author (the list goes on), who has a proven method of getting out of debt! I'm sure this sounds like some fly by night get rich quick scheme - but it's not, and that's the beauty of it! Dave's system is that you live off less than you earn, pay your bills, don't get into more debt and save for retirement. There are no gimmicks, just discipline! You don't have to sign people up that have to sign people up, but you can definitely share what you are doing with others (that's what I'm doing right now). I love it, and am seeking some Financial Peace in my life! When I figure out how all this stuff works I'll have some links up here as well as the info for if you'd like to read his book.

I'll try to post more later, but I've got a vehicle to get ready to show! I hope to be vacuuming the night away...God Bless!

Friday, June 1, 2007

What in the world?

Yes, I am random. But of course there is a method to my madness. The reason for my current blog picture is because that is the current object of my affection. This is my 2005 Honda Civic LX that is currently for sale. It's mechanically sound and a wonderful vehicle, but my tastes have changed in the 2.5 years I've been leasing it (I'll definitely never get into a contract that long again)! I've got until January (when my lease is up) to turn it back in to Honda, but I know someone out there is checking it out and would love to drive it! Be sure to contact me if you are interested...

I'm sure I'll be back later to type more, but I've got to get up and at 'em to start my day...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's blo-og, it's blo-og...

Can you hear me now??? Good!!! (shout out to Verizon)

Well, this is my first blog! I don't know who'll be reading it out there in "blog land" but I started this because a mind is a terrible thing to waste! I always seem to have a lot on mine, so I'll be unloading it here. Also, I'll be linking up with all my "blog land" homies, and meeting some new ones...so stop by and say "Hi!"

That's about it...now off to make my profile and we'll get on our way! Don't worry about our late departure, we'll make up the time during the flight! Sit back, make sure your trays are in the upright, locked positions and get ready for the journey!