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Friday, February 12, 2010

No bueno...

yeah, that's how I've been since I last posted :(

Got sick the following night, so I haven't worked out nor done anything with my hair - so I had no updates.

I'm glad that my husband and baby girl are better, and that I didn't get what they had! We're moving and grooving through February now...this year is flying by!

I have about 6-7 weeks until my baby girl's first birthday! Yes - I'm in shock; has that much time elapsed? She's so smart and gorgeous and funny and goofy, it actually seems like she's always been in our "crew"! I'm at work and missing her, so I'm gonna change the subject before I get sad!

Anyhow, hope to get back on the wagon this weekend with eating healthy, moving my body and all that jazz! I'm glad to be feeling better now, so it's time to kick it!


CycleBreaker said...

ohh being sick is no fun! I hope everyone is back to 100% really soon.