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Friday, February 19, 2010


Hit another snag this week - on Tuesday my ear started hurting something VICIOUS!!! Got some drops, went to the chiro, started using my night guard for my TMJ - 95% better!


Oh yeah, I remembered what I forgot last time around (what came to me on my walk the other day).

My grandma (wow how I miss her!) would get on my granddaddy (I miss him, too) about if he did something - for example, talking on the telephone on the front porch (can we say COUNTRY?). She'd make the comment, "I talk about people who do that, so YOU (as one of my loved ones) can't do that!" I'm gonna take on that stance about a few things, namely being whiny and complaining. Some folks seem to whine and complain about EVERYTHING - it gets old really fast and, I'll be honest, I talk about people that whine! So - I have to make sure that I'm not whiny or complaining because that wouldn't make sense now, would it???


CycleBreaker said...

Girl, sound like we are both dealing with ear infections, Ugh! It's so funny you said that about whiny people because just the other day I was telling my husband about a whiny lady at the store and not even 24 hrs later I found myself being whiny! I had to check myself! I hope your ear feel better and all is well