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Monday, February 8, 2010

Yeahhhhhhh boyyyyyyyy...

Today was a good day! I stayed in from work so I wouldn't pass on my family's virus to anyone else, and my crew is feeling better! PRAISE GOD!

Also, I was checking out a new friend's blog and she mentioned Hip Hop Abs...I found it and did it (only had to stop twice) - woooooo hoooooo! It was a great workout, not too hard for me (not having worked out since before July 08), and fun! I will admit, I had to take it a lil easy on the "booty pop" moves, I have a lil more resistance than the folks in the video ;)

Lastly - I did my hair! I've been wanting two strand twists for the longest but was always a scaredy cat! The past month I've been having my cousin braid my hair into a bun and I put a drawstring ponytail on top, but this weekend I decided I'd do my own hair. I washed my hair in the braids (my hair is of the variety that I need to follow the "never loose and wet" regime), then as I unbraided I applied my oil mix (EVOO, castor oil, shea butter, coconut oil and maybe some aloe vera in there - I forget) and made twists. I did it in sections so I wouldn't get overtired, and made the most of downtimes when baby Faith was asleep. Finished product ain't bad...I'll take pics tomorrow when I'm dressed for work. I'm really proud of myself for JUST DOING IT and not punking out again!

Well, time to read some word and me and the babe are going to sleep!