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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow...where do I start???

Well, I guess I'll start at the beginning...my last post was 2/19.

My ear was hurting, I went to the chiro for an adjustment and started wearing my night brace (have since stopped again though - it's a pain in the butt to boil that thing every night) - and my earache went away - HALLELUJAH!

The weekend of 3/21 we traveled to Atlanta for the ING Georgia Half Marathon; it was AWESOME! I ran out of steam between miles 10 and 11 though, and never caught a "2nd wind" like I thought I would :( Still finished in just under 4 hours though so it wasn't totally horrible. It was really good spending some quality time with an old friend and seeing family (they met us in ATL)! I'd love to do it again, possibly this October at the Free Press Half Marathon in Detroit...

The weekend of 3/27 we traveled to Ozark, AL for a birthday party! Lil Miss CJ and her parents came all the way from California to celebrate her first birthday with her dad's side of the family. Had a great time once again...

Unfortunately on 3/29 the baby and I were in an automobile accident ("a wreck" down in these parts)! Aside from some soreness we are okay, but our vehicle was declared a total loss! I normally name my cars and I don't think that one ever had a name, interesting...

That's about it...baby is trying to post for me now so I'll wrap this up before it become unintelligible. I'd really like to keep this up, give me another chance - pleeeaaaasssseeeee???